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Evergreen Tours

is a privately owned tour company, based in Kathmandu. We have a huge number of resources to handle all kinds of travel needs. We offer a series of tours called Beyond HIMALAYAS which includes travel to mainly Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, along with other exciting travel options.
Our company has been taking clients on exciting adventures for over 25 years. Evergreen Tours was founded in 1993 under the company act of Government of Nepal.

We have taken great lengths to ensure that we include the very best of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan has to offer. Quality, value, reliability, comfort, and safety are the five ingredients that make your Evergreen Tours’ experience the vacation of a lifetime. At Evergreen Tours, we balance the perfect blend of sightseeing time with free time for individual exploration.

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Since our inception, it has been our goal to offer comfort, safety, quality, and value vacation trips beyond the Himalayas. Our commitment towards providing pure satisfaction of traveling for our guests thrives us to be perfectionists. We are very passionate about making your next vacation the most memorable and comfortable experience yet.

We have well-trained, educated, friendly, and helpful staff. The company aims to keep the staff educated and updated to ensure the best quality services for our valued customers. We have multilingual guides for Japanese, Chinese, French, German, English, Spanish, and more. Our expert travel specialists can be ensured to provide you with breathtaking lifetime experiences, comfort, and safety like a family, and communication like a close friend.

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Jessica Lee
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Mark Anthony
Marieke Coben
"Lovely and reliable tour company. Make you feel home away from home"

Marieke Coben

Certifications and Membership

Evergreen Tours International is registered and founded in August 1993. under the company act and tourism and travel agency act of 1981 revised of Government of Nepal.

The company is registered department of industry, Ministry of Industry and commerce. We are licensed from Ministry of culture, tourism and civil aviation. Our registration in Internal Revenue department is VAT No: 500058316. Just click to view our certification in the below link.

  1. Company Registration Certificate
  2. Tourism Department License
  3. VAT/Tax Certificate
  4. Chinese Tourist Welcome Certification
  5. Incorporate in State of Colorado, USA

We are active member of following tourism national organisation since our inception.

  1. Nepal Association of Travel & Tour Agents
  2. Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal

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